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Our Travel Ball Platform

Player development, content, savings, and communications are delivered through our custom branded application powered by CURVE.

This robust player development ecosystem is designed to augment your capability and differentiate your offering.

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    Player Development

    Individualized Development Roadmap powered by 100+ years of coaching experience and augmented with AI.

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    Online Store

    A personalized branded store that allows organizations to sell team merchandise.

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    Media Content

    Curated smart lessons, creative content, and expanding drill video library.

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    Parent Savings

    Savings for Parents with discount programs for hotels, equipment, and travel.

Individualized Strength and Agility
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Mobility Screening and Individually Tailored Dev Plans
Workload Management Tracking

Our Partners Include:

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Ready to reach the next level?

How our Members Benefit

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  • New revenue and savings offset cost/risk for clubs and parents
  • Partners working at scale to grow the game
  • Scholarships for players who need it
  • Year-round strategy for consistent revenue flow
  • Business services and support


  • Sustainable year-round development
  • Individualized and targeted approach to development
  • Player profile with up-to-date metrics
  • Recruiting conduit for players

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  • Greater value for your investment
  • Savings program designed for Travel ball families
  • Recruiting Education
  • Credible conduit to D-1 and non-D1 conferences
  • Accountability for development with Club and Player



  • Year-round relationship with players
  • More careers and benefits in baseball
  • Ongoing professional growth via education
  • Access to network of leaders in baseball and business


National Scholarship Fund

Joining the Allegiance will provide you with access to a player scholarship fund designed to provide opportunities for talented, underrepresented youth that allows them to participate in the travel ball ecosystem.

Join the Allegiance
Travel ball reimagined.