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2022 ABCA Convention Features Launch Of Diamond Allegiance on Baseball America.

What is the Diamond Allegiance?

The Diamond Allegiance helps travel ball organizations run better businesses, augments their player development capabilities, provides more career opportunities for coaches, reduces the cost for families and players, and increases the participation of underrepresented communities.

We drive this impact through a powerful mix of partnerships, services, technology, and philanthropy.


Why Join the Diamond Allegiance?

Watch the heads of the top travel ball organizations in the country discuss why they joined:

Power Baseball

HubSpot Video

Canes Baseball

HubSpot Video

Indiana Bulls

HubSpot Video

Meet the Team

Partner with leaders and winners in the game.

Tracy Smith

Chairman of Board

Matt Gerber

Head of Player & Business Development

Pat Casey

Former Head Coach, Oregon State University

Erik Bakich

Head Coach, Clemson

Michele Smith

Softball Olympic Gold Medalist, ESPN Analyst

Kevin O'Sullivan

Head Coach, University of Florida

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What We Do

Aligning organizations to create a healthier travel ball ecosystem by increasing participation, reducing costs for families and players, and implementing sustainable, customized development programs.


Reducing Costs

Partnerships with leading brands in the industry help parents and organizations save money on equipment, travel, and accommodation expenses.

Sustainable Development

AI-assisted smart lessons comprise a safe and blanced 12-month individualized player development program powered by CURVE. 


Equalized Participation

Access to scholarships helps underrepresented youth gain access to the Travel Ball ecosystem.

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